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Your Best You

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

The first time I named my year, my goal was to manifest My Best Self. I reset my body through nutrition and exercise. I celebrated family especially my son's academic accomplishments. The following year was named Surviving Divorce. I wanted to manifest a sense of calm, safety, and prosperity.

Unnamed, the next years were about change and transition; living alone, establishing different familial relationships, shuttering an old business, and self-rediscovery. There wasn't that high energy associated with "best," or that force that aligns with "surviving." Those years felt void of power and were characterized by uncertainty, exhaustion, and anxiety about my identity.

Those discomforts, however, nourished seeds of renewal, re-imagination, and reinvigoration. While I don't have a name for this year and those that remain will be to strive for being my best self. I am energized to learn more, create more, love more than the day before.

My framework for success is to take daily action on four simple self-care routines:

  • Make time to learn something new.

  • Express love to family and friends.

  • Exercise daily and be outdoors.

  • Eat healthy, nutritious food.

What structure will you create to have your best year?

What is your simple self-care framework for a successful year?


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