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Before, During and After Divorce Support

In Divorce Coaching, we focus on four areas: 

Emotional Management

Managing your emotions and stress during the divorce process can bring about a host of valuable benefits. Firstly, it enhances your ability to make sound decisions, allowing you to approach negotiations and settlements with a clear mind. Additionally, you'll find yourself better equipped to swiftly recover from emotional hijacks, ensuring that intense feelings don't derail your progress. This emotional management also leads to increased self-awareness, helping you understand your own needs and reactions while gaining insight into your triggers. Other benefits of managing your emotions include:


  • You experience a newfound energy reserve for self-care as you master emotions.

  • Your voice is heard, and your goals are met through productive meetings with your attorney and other divorce advisors.

  • Saving time and money by managing emotions, reducing costly legal battles, and achieving an efficient divorce resolution.

  • Embracing divorce as a business arrangement for a fair and equitable outcome.

  • Enhancing your overall sense of hope and well-being, emerging from divorce with strength and resilience.

Divorce is Filled with Emotions
Getting Organized For Divorce

Getting Organized

When you're organized, well-prepared, and knowledgeable, you'll be able to navigate the legal process more efficiently. I'll provide you with a learning structure so that you know what needs to happen and when. You'll be ready for your legal team and know your numbers. Preparation, tools, and knowledge are crucial to making the journey more manageable, less expensive, and less daunting.


You'll be empowered to plan and move forward on important tasks when you're organized. Moving forward with purpose helps you save money and get to the other side of divorce more quickly. 

Here are some additional benefits of partnering with me:
1. I'll connect you with trusted experts who can offer tailored insights and support, ensuring you have the right resources when needed. Plus, this can help you save on legal expenses.
2. We'll establish clear goals and a vision for your fresh start, providing a solid foundation for making informed decisions and reaching fair settlements.
3. We'll collaborate to gather essential information efficiently, preparing you for attorney and financial meetings, mediations, or trials. This streamlined approach maximizes your time and resources, making the process more effective and less stressful.


In divorce, decision-making is daunting. Working together, you will become a confident decision-maker and avoid mistakes like: 

  • accepting short-term gains while sacrificing long-term stability, anger-driven choices,

  • prematurely settling because you feel as though you can't go on.


I'll teach you a 4-step, confidence-building process to make decision-making easier. And with your goals established, any indecision will melt away. 


An important factor in choosing an ally in divorce is experience. With over 100 hours of divorce coaching under my belt, I've seen a few things that can be helpful to you in meeting your objectives. You'll have an objective 3rd party to bounce options by. When you're overwhelmed, I'll help you prioritize. 

Decision Making During Divorce
Divorce Recovery
Happy Post - Divorce

Healing and Recovery

Embarking on a healing journey offers numerous benefits. It begins with awareness and self-care, helping you combat stress, anger, loneliness, and neglect. By choosing this path, you'll experience the following advantages:

1. Emotional Resilience: You'll gain the ability to make sound decisions even during emotional turmoil.

2. Inner Calm: Cultivate endurance and resilience, replacing physical symptoms with enhanced well-being.

3. Improved Well-being: Your overall appearance and well-being will be enhanced, boosting your confidence and allowing you to leave emotional baggage behind in new relationships.

4. Positive Relationships: Positive conversations will replace divorce woes, enabling you to discover your true self and design your future.

5. Effective Co-Parenting: You'll develop the skill of communicating with your ex without triggering yourself, ensuring a brighter future for you and your children..

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Are you prepared to embrace this transformative journey toward healing, transitioning to a brighter, more fulfilling future?

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