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Research Divorce Options for Better Results.

Research divorce options for better results

We research our options before buying a car to get what we want at a price we can afford. So why don't we research divorce options to divorce the way we want at a price we can afford? When contemplating divorce, people often act out of fear and enculturation and immediately hire an attorney. However, when they slow down to manage their uncertainty and do some digging, they find various divorce options tailored to their unique needs, circumstances and budget.

Here's a breakdown of some of the options:

1. Full-Scope Attorney: This is the traditional route where each party hires their attorney to represent them throughout the divorce process. While this option provides comprehensive legal representation, it can be the most expensive and adversarial, mainly if the divorce involves contentious issues like child custody or property division.

2. Mediation: Mediation involves a neutral third party, known as a mediator, who helps facilitate discussions between spouses to reach agreements on various aspects of the divorce, such as child custody, support, and division of assets. Mediation is often less expensive and more collaborative than traditional litigation, allowing couples to maintain more control over the outcome of their divorce.

3. Collaborative Divorce: In a collaborative divorce, each spouse retains their attorney, but instead of engaging in adversarial litigation, they commit to resolving disputes through negotiation and compromise. Collaborative divorce often involves other professionals, such as financial advisors or mental health professionals, to address the various aspects of the divorce comprehensively.

4. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Divorce: A DIY divorce may be an option for couples with simple and amicable divorces. In this type of divorce, you fill out and file the necessary legal forms without the assistance of an attorney. While DIY divorce can be cost-effective, it's essential to ensure all legal requirements are met to avoid future complications.

5. Limited-Scope Representation: Also known as unbundled legal services, limited-scope representation allows individuals to hire an attorney for specific tasks or portions of their divorce case rather than full representation. This option can be more affordable than hiring a full-scope attorney while providing valuable legal guidance and support.

When my clients consider their needs, interests, and budgets before hiring an attorney, they can divorce with less stress, less expense, and a clear picture of their future.


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