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Sue Horwitz
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Are you dealing with life's unexpected twists and turns?

Maybe you’ve been thrust into something you hadn't planned or didn’t see coming and you’ve lost your balance … and your confidence.


Or maybe there’s something gnawing at you … something’s that just not right … but you don't seem to be able to resolve or change it.


Just imagine … what it’d be like to have the courage and confidence to navigate new situations and unexpected changes with grace and ease.


The fact is life transitions are inevitable.  They’re often stressful, overwhelming, and can be exhausting.  But they don’t have to be.


Imagine being able to boldly and fearlessly navigate your way through the changes you’re facing with purpose and clarity, so you create the hopeful new beginning or outcome you want. 

Start Here
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Start here

So, you know you have to change.   What you’ve been doing isn't working anymore.   You’re stuck and unsure how to begin.  You’re afraid to move forward.  And you definitely don’t know where you’ll land … and IF you’ll land safely and confidently!


And yet, in your heart you know you have so much more to accomplish … so much more you’re capable of.


You know that everything you need is within you.  You’ve come out on top before and you know you can do it again!  You need hope, a purpose, and a plan.

Knowing how to deal with the many transitions in your life means you will not just survive change, and purposely move through the process towards a thriving new beginning.


That's where I come in. I can help you:


  • Replace confusion and overwhelm with a vision and plan.


  • Break through any limiting thoughts and undesired reactions that are keeping you stuck.


  • Learn to shift your energy in a moment, so you can change your perspective. 


  • Be more focused and clear, make better decisions, and feel better.


  • Renew your energy and motivation for the journey at hand.


  • Create your own success formula to take you wherever you go.

You can replace confusion, boredom and overwhelm with a VISION and PLAN.
Sue Horwitz Enos Orange

I "Get It" 

I coach in areas where I have experience.

  • Career Change & Retirement
  • Entrepreneurship & Money
  • Transition & Transformation​
  • Gray Divorce​

During transitions, how you manage your energy will greatly increase your comfort with change and leave you excited and energized for what lies ahead (even when that is unknown).  You may find yourself performing stressful tasks like interviewing for a new job, packing your home, or having an awkward conversation with your spouse. And, nothing is more important than the energy you're experiencing in those moments!  
I'll teach you how to manage your energy, and become the master of your emotions. You'll learn new skills that'll help you do better every day.
As a CDC Certified Divorce Coach, I've been trained to help you discover the best options for your life situation. I'll help you sort through all the emotions you're experiencing and assist with the life-altering decisions you're facing. These may include selecting attorneys, financial experts, and other professionals. I help my clients avoid the biggest mistakes typically made in a divorce. At a time when everything seems so negative, I'll be there with you through the tough times and help you renew, reignite and re-imagine your new life each step of the way.

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My Approach
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My Approach


Transitions are bound to create uncertainty, stress, and fear.  It’s almost inevitable.  Our coaching relationship is all about your being able to master this transition you’re facing, so you come out stronger and more focused on the other side … ultimately able to live your best life!


I'm your partner, and I have your back!  I don't judge you or your situation.  I’m not there to fix things, and I don’t try to influence your results.  Unlike your friends and family, I don’t have an agenda.  Even if we've had similar experiences, your path is yours. 


Have you ever had someone just listen to you?  Really listen to you?  I ask questions and listen to you, and that gives you the space to figure things out. Our goal is for you to uncover the real YOU … what you want, what you value, what your priorities are.


If you've experienced an unwanted change and are overwhelmed and confused, we'll create a plan to get you strong, calm, and clear-headed.  We’ll help you sort through all the “what-ifs,” and you'll be better able to make good decisions confidently.


There may be times when there’s a rift between what you say you want and what you're doing. Together we'll refine our plan to close that gap.  


I’ll help you identify the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, so you can change them once and for all!


We'll meet regularly in person, by phone or video conference; your choice.    I’ll hold you accountable to what you say you want and be there to support you each little and big step of the way.  When you've accomplished your goal, we’ll celebrate together! 


My Training 


I’m a Life Transitions Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, and a Certified Divorce Coach.  I certified at iPec Coaching, and Certified Divorce Coach both premier coaching schools in the nation. I am a member of the International Coaching Federation.  In addition to coaching private clients, I mentor coach divorce coaching students.

Let's Talk About Your Future.

Your vision will become solid.  Together we'll plan how to reach your goals.
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About Sue 

I am a veteran solo-entrepreneur. I've launched tech products and new companies; I've established business-to-business publications; I've managed multi-million dollar sales territories for Fortune 500 companies – all successfully. A few years ago, I knew it was time to make a career change, but I was unprepared to do it.  I had tremendous fear about whether or not I could make money doing something new.  I sought out coaching to help me connect to a new purpose, deal with my limiting beliefs, and visualize a different future. I became an ICF credentialed coach in the process.


I planned to transition a very lucrative 16-year old publishing business into the coaching business of my dreams. As I moved forward with my plans, my husband ended our 27-year marriage.  I was devastated.  With help, I rebuilt my life, confidence, and spirit. I trusted myself, and when the time was right started this coaching practice. 


Whether you are in the midst of a life-changing event or just pondering your future, I know how overwhelming and lonely re-imagining your life and implementing goals can be. I get that you may not even know what your goals are, and that is okay too. 


Whatever has brought you here, you know something has to change, shift, move.  I can help you go through your process with grace and ease!


"Trust yourself.  Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life" – Golda Meir

What My Clients are Saying...

Sue truly listened to my situation. I needed information, accountability, and a concrete action plan — Sue immediately “got it”. Best decision ever. During the most insane times, Sue calmly helped me see the light, providing me with strategies to grapple with drama, strengthen my resolve and keep the focus on long-term goals. I would 100% recommend Sue! June G.

I highly recommend Sue. My divorce included domestic violence, cyber crimes, and an inattentive attorney, and I don’t know how I would have done it without Sue. Sue listened better than my attorney. She had small tasks to complete that helped me gather my thoughts and make wise decisions. Sue also saved me money by helping me formulate concise emails to my attorney. She was an angel in my life and working with her improved my mental health during this segment of my journey. I will always be grateful for her role in this transition in my life. She is worth every penny! Dena K 

I am ecstatic! I felt very prepared and felt empowered for mediation. What worked for me was reminding myself of my goals and that I just genuinely know that what I want is the right thing for me. I was authentic, and my confidence came from that mostly and being sooo prepared through our sessions. They were super helpful and I would not have been as ready had we not met. Thank you so so much for everything. Thank you again!!  Jenn H 

Knowledgeable, compassionate, and very focused on achieving my desired outcomes. Debbra R  

I am so impressed by the materials and program you have created from scratch. It is going to be so beneficial for so many people and something that truly set the firm apart! Attorney 

I just wanted to give you an update that court went well yesterday. Attorney said I was a “rock star” on cross-examination. I contained my composure throughout the day and kept a straight face. Your help with breathing and building my confidence was extremely helpful. I just wanted to give you an update and express my thanks for all your help. MS

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