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Work with me to save time, reduce stress, and have a clear vision for your future.

Deciding whether to stay in a relationship or Divorce is inevitably bound to create uncertainty, stress, and fear. Working together, you'll master this transition, come out stronger, be clear about your future, and ultimately be able to live your best life!
I'm your partner, and I have your back! I don't judge, and I don't have an agenda. My role is to help you be at your best by providing you with information and expertise. I'll help you make the best decisions possible for you. I'll help you stay focused on the future and how you'll make that a life you'll love. 

Free E-book

Change Your Divorce Experience!

Gain Expert Insight and Confidence.

Become Knowledgeable to Be in Control.

Learn who to lean on, how to hire professionals, what to budget for, and how to manage your emotions when going through divorce with this FREE E-Book!
Download the What to Expect E-Book to stay in control, save money, and experience less stress and overwhelm in the process!
Discover how to Divorce Your Way® with less stress, less expense, and outcomes you're happy with.
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Divorce Coaching 

The American Bar Association considers Divorce Coaching part of the dispute resolution process. It is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns. 

Divorce Coaching Defined
You'll be supported, knowledgable, and have more control.
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About Sue 

I am a veteran solo-entrepreneur. I've successfully launched tech products and new companies, established business-to-business publications, and managed multi-million dollar sales territories for Fortune 500 companies. I knew it was time to make a career change a few years ago, but I was unprepared to do it.  I feared whether or not I could make money doing something new.  I sought coaching to help me connect to a new purpose, deal with my limiting beliefs, and visualize a different future. I became an ICF-credentialed coach in the process.


I planned to transition a very lucrative 16-year-old publishing business into the coaching business of my dreams. As I moved forward with my plans, my husband ended our 27-year marriage.  I was devastated. With help, I rebuilt my life, confidence, and spirit. I trusted myself, and when the time was right started this coaching practice. 


Whether you are in the midst of a life-changing event or just pondering your future, I know how overwhelming and lonely re-imagining your life and implementing goals can be. I get that you may not even know what your goals are, and that is okay too. 


Whatever has brought you here, you know something has to change, shift, move.  I can help you go through your process with grace and ease!

  • Mom

  • Daughter

  • Sister

  • Grandmother

  • Friend

  • Pilates Enthusiast

  • Artist

  • Networker

  • Care Partner

  • Walker 

  • Traveler

  • Coach 

  • Divorce Mediator

  • Marital Mediator

  • Lifelong learner

Transition Certification
Energy Leadership Certification
American Bar Association
CDC Certified Divorce Coach
Divorce Coaches Academy Certified ADR Divorce Coach


"Sue truly listened to my situation. I needed information, accountability, and a concrete action plan — Sue immediately “got it”. Best decision ever. During the most insane times, Sue calmly helped me see the light, providing me with strategies to grapple with drama, strengthen my resolve and keep the focus on long-term goals. I would 100% recommend Sue!"

- June G

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