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Work with a Life Transitions Coach to Reclaim Your Peace of Mind

Whether the change you face is voluntary or has been thrust upon you, a Certified Life Transitions Coach can help you move through the phases of change with greater ease and confidence towards a thriving new beginning. 


Transitions by nature are scary, confusing, messy, and tiring. At Sue Horwitz Coaching, I work with you to reduce fear, gain clarity, and increase your energy for the road ahead. 


1) What are the advantages of working with a Certified Life Transitions and Divorce Coach? 

I'm a Life Coach specializing in transition dynamics; I trained to help you learn more about yourself and how you can perform at your best, even at the worst of times. 


Working together during any transition, especially divorce, you'll encounter mind shifts and new ways to think about your situation. As an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, I'll help you learn how to shift your energy from a sense of victimization to having renewed self-esteem and personal identity. You'll confidently be in charge of your present and future. 


As a CDC Divorce Coach, I take you through a process that will help you make the best decision for your future, based on your interests, needs, and concerns. As a thinking partner, educational resource, and supporter, I'm available to help you avoid mistakes, save you money and time. 

1) What Does a Divorce Coach Do?

I am a Certified Divorce Coach, Life Transitions Coach in Denver, CO, and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. The energy you manifest during your divorce can predict how the process plays out. A Divorce Coach helps their client create a success plan based on their specific needs, wants, and desires. Divorce coaches help clients manage their energy, empower their thoughts, and work effectively toward a manageable solution. Divorce Coaches help clients manage unique Divorce Transition Steps. 

2) How Can a Life Transitions Coach Support My Journey?

As a veteran solo-entrepreneur, I've managed multi-million dollar sales, connected with clients worldwide, and built a lucrative publishing business along the way. Through all of my successes, the end of my 27-year marriage still left me devastated. After picking up the pieces and rebuilding my life, I knew that I wanted to help others to do the same.

Whether your transition is made by choice, or you've had an unexpected change, we will work together to craft a uniquely suited plan for your specific needs.


I offer four basic coaching plans to support clients on their journey:

  • A Quick Reset

  • Life (RE) Imagined

  • Change Artist

  • Powerfully Prepared for Divorce


Prospective clients who want to explore life transitions and divorce coaching can reach out today for a complimentary consultation, here. To learn more about my process or what you can expect from your journey, download my free e-book titled, 'What to Expect When Life is Changing?', above. 

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