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Divorce Your Way 

A Mindset & Money Workshop to help you start the process with less stress and expense,

more confidence and ready for better outcomes

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This workshop is for you if:

You're starting the divorce process, feeling overwhelmed and emotionally all over the map. 

You've hired an attorney, feel unheard and confused, and want to know how to manage the situation better.

You want to know what options you have.

You need tools to manage your emotions and the situation.

You're thinking about getting a divorce and unsure what to do first.

You'll learn how to handle the emotional divorce so you can manage the business of divorce. 


Presented by Sue Horwitz 

Hi! I'm Sue. I'm glad you're here. I designed the workshop to help you get started on the right foot for better divorce outcomes. 

I've been coaching since 2012 and have been a Divorce & Transition Coach since 2019. I've coached for over 100 hours both inside a law firm and privately. I'm a CDC Divorce Coach, iPEC ELI-MP & Transition Coach, and I have trained in conflict and betrayal, mediation preparation, collaborative divorce, somatic approaches to healing, and more. 

"Divorce coaching is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns. Divorce coaches have different professional backgrounds and are selected based on the specific needs of the clients."American Bar Association

June G. TX

Sue truly listened. I needed information, accountability, and a concrete action plan — Sue immediately “got it”. Best decision ever. During the most insane times, Sue calmly helped me see the light, providing me with strategies to grapple with drama, strengthen my resolve and keep the focus on long-term goals. I would 100% recommend Sue! 

Dena K. CA

Sue listened better than my attorney. She had small tasks to complete that helped me gather my thoughts and make wise decisions. Sue also saved me money by helping me formulate concise emails to my attorney. Working with her improved my mental health during this segment of my journey. I will always be grateful for her role in this transition in my life. She is worth every penny! 

Jenn H. MN

I am ecstatic! I felt very prepared and felt empowered for mediation. What worked for me was reminding myself of my goals and that I just genuinely know that what I want is the right thing for me. I was authentic, and my confidence came from that mostly and being sooo prepared through our sessions. They were super helpful and I would not have been as ready had we not met. Thank you so so much for everything. Thank you again!!

Workshop Results and Bonuses 

At the end of the workshop, you'll be empowered and 

  • Have a healthy, confident, and calm mindset.

  • Will avoid costly mistakes. 

  • Be able to communicate with your spouse conflict-free.

  • Use a money-saving framework to communicate with your legal team. 

  • Understand your legal options.

  • Be confident about your next steps.

  • Know how to organize for legal proceedings. 

  • Be ready to design a life you love.

You'll also receive the following resources:
  • Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney and Mediator is a thorough guide that will save you time and money and help you hire the right professionals. 

  • A mental, physical, and social self-care planner will help you stay healthy and define how you'll care for yourself. 

  • Divorce Financial Organizer, which, when completed, will set you up for future financial management and planning. 


You're invited to schedule a FREE 45-minute LET'S TALK ABOUT YOUR DIVORCE session with me at the end of the Workshop. 


Invest in Better Divorce Outcomes on Thursday, 5/2 at Noon MST
On Zoom

  • 2+1/2 hour group workshop
  • Workshop recording 
  • Expert Support 
  • Questions to ask attorneys & mediators
  • Self-care Planner
  • Divorce Financial Organizer
  • 45-minute Let's Talk Divorce Session with Sue
Workshop Value: $600
Your Cost: Free
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