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Thrive At Life's Transitions 
60-minute Master Class 
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Set Yourself Up to Succeed at Every Transition in Life

Whether you are committed to making a change or one has been thrust upon you, you have a choice. You can approach it the way you always have, or learn how to step into a powerful, self-affirming, less stressful system to achieve your goals and evolve your best life.  



In class, we’ll draw on your strengths to:

  • Set goals you'll actually achieve. (And I'll show you how!)

  • Manage uncertainty with confidence.

  • Take the stress out of making changes. 

  • Become renewed, clear, and excited about the days to come!

  • Step into action to achieve what you've always wanted.

Don’t miss this opportunity to achieve the shift you need to embrace your best life!


Register for Thrive at Life's Transitions Master Class Here


Hi! I'm Sue and I am your host for the master class. 

I understand what happens internally during transitions because I've experienced a long list of minor and significant ones. (Think adoption, marriage, divorce, financial wellness, career change)

I know that when you experience change, you can choose to react with fear and resistance or embrace your strengths and take actions that create the best possible outcomes. I understand how to create lasting changes so you aren't constantly revisiting an elusive goal.   

No matter how big or small a change you face, I will share my secrets to help you achieve your goals and evolve your best self for tremendous success and joy. 

What people are saying about the 3-Steps to Thrive During Life's Transitions Masterclass 

“Sue helped me give myself permission to do something I had been struggling with. Worthwhile experience!” Debbie S.

"This session allowed me to approach a long-standing problem with a solution that was easier than I thought it would be. She really helped me think through how I can approach this and make it work." Susan C. 

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