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Finding Mojo

My marriage ended five years ago. Until recently, I carried a lot of shame, guilt, and self-doubt. I won't belabor the aspects of my Runaway Husband divorce, but I had to change the PTSD-like characteristics that were holding me back.

I wanted my mojo back. I wanted to feel self-confident, trusting, and fearless. I wanted it on demand and especially when:

Making a tough decision like leaving my profession or where to live.

My inner critic was working overtime pointing out my deficiencies.

Life seemed out of control, and overwhelming.

I approached this challenge as though it were muscle strengthening routine. Here are a few of mental self-care routines I use when triggered:

  • In situations where I feel least confident, I remind myself of how the positive qualities I used in the past that can help me now.

  • I quiet the critical voices in my head by understanding their origin and send them packing.

  • I deliberately limit my exposure to people, places and things that create stress, overwhelm, and tension.

Finding Mojo

I understand that I am a work in progress and that consistent action is key to long-term success. I can guarantee that every time I summon my mojo, she is more easily accessible.

To learn more about mojo click here.


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