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Divorce Recovery Roadblocks and 4-Ways to Knock Them Down

Divorce healing and recovery isn't a straight-line process. Instead, it's an exploration in every category of your life; there are starts and stops, evaluations and re-evaluations. So when these familiar roadblocks hit you, here are a few ways to go through them.

  1. You're worn out after the divorce. The process and immediate change are exhausting. During this time, allow yourself to rest and practice extreme self-care in every area of your life. (mental, physical, spiritual, environmental)

  2. You're confused and overwhelmed by new life options. Don't feel pressured to make any other major life decisions for a while. Allow yourself to settle and take stock. Journaling is an excellent way to get the overwhelm out of your mind. Often you'll write through your confusion.

  3. The negative voices are dancing in your brain. You're inner critic messes with your self-worth. Tell them to hush and practice shifting your mindset with words. "I wasn't good enough" can become "I am good enough today."

  4. You're feeling isolated by the stigma of divorce. Keep in mind, the attitudes about divorce are shifting. More importantly, you get to determine who you'll be in this new setting. You can choose to be visible, do something new, join a new gym, and take new classes. Do what's comfortable, but push outside your comfort zone just a little bit.

Divorce recovery allows you to create a new enhanced identity. It's a time to end behaviors that don't support you're at your best and to gain a deep inner knowing and increased self-worth, esteem, and joy.


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