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AFL & You: Boundaries Protect Your Confidentiality

We expect our staff to always treat our clients courteously and professionally. While we do not anticipate any problems in this regard, we also want to mention that we don’t permit our attorneys or staff to enter into or be involved in close personal or romantic relationships with clients unless those relationships existed before the client retained our Firm.

Additionally, we prohibit our attorneys and staff from interacting with clients via Facebook or any other social networking website. Please do not use social media when communicating with anyone in our Firm due to the risk of inadvertently disclosing confidential information and the unaccountability of the firm or you to check such sites for vital communication.

Finally, since our obligation of confidentiality includes shielding the fact that you have retained us, our attorneys and staff who encounter you in the community will not acknowledge you or do anything that would require you to disclose that you know someone in our firm. You, of course, are free to initiate such contact, but the decision will always be yours. However, even if you initiate contact, our Firm member will not discuss or communicate any information related to the case in the presence of another person.

Source: Minnesota Divorce & Post Divorce Issues. The Divorce, Spousal Maintenance, Post-Divorce and Domestic Abuse Issues Book. By Atticus Family Law

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