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Sue Horwitz Enos Green


Whether leaving a job, getting a divorce, starting a new business, caring for a loved-one or leaning into the role of grandparent, this is your time to feel your best, do your best, BE at Your Best and live your best life's dreams. However, each of these situations creates tremendous amounts of stress, uncertainty, and overwhelm that, when left unchecked, tends to keep us stuck.


Working with me one-on-one you will be guided through proven coaching practices to get clarity around emotional chaos, create new methods to support your sense well being, and enable you to implement your dream life.  We’ll replace fear and worry about your future with an abundant wealth mindset, and positive self-care.  Additional benefits include: 

  • Go from chaos to clear about your desires.

  • Unlock your potential and create plans that take you to your Best Life's Dreams.

  • Fill your future with abundant wealth, and health mindsets.

  • Increase your confidence in decision making and expressing your desires.

  • Discover the tools you need to re-energize your mind, body, and spirit​.

  • Develop transition mastery that enables you to deal with on-going change and future transitions. 


The Elements of Your Program

3-50 Minute Private Coaching Sessions a month

1-75 Minute Kick-start enables us to customize your program

Life & Values Review offers you a deliberate check-in that identifies what works and doesn’t work in your life today.

➢ An in-depth examination of your relationship with money and exercises to clear money clutter, re-write your money story, and feel confident about your financial future.

Self-mastery design enables you to implement methods for improved mind, body, and spirit. You will become health versus trying to be healthy.

Pre-Call Exercises. These practices keep you moving and continue our work throughout our time together. They set you up to work more quickly and consistently. Exercises keep you focused on new paths and habits.

Call recordings and coaching notes enable you to review your work.

24/7 Email Support is available because sometimes you just need it.

One monthly in-person emergency 15-minute session to help you through tight spots.

Bonus: ElI® Energy Assessment and 90-minute Debrief Call. The assessment pinpoints your underlying thoughts, beliefs & behaviors. The results provide you with awareness and insight to help you navigate decisions and actions you’ll take.

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