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How to Cope with Uncertainty in Life Transitions and Divorce

Life is brimming with significant moments of all types. From the good and the bad to the downright ugly, we never really know what life is going to throw our way. We know for sure that life transitions will always happen, and it is up to us to manage their inherent uncertainty. 

Here at Sue Horwitz Coaching, I endeavor to provide my clients life transitions guidance and the support they need to enact change. Our coaching relationship is all about your ability to master the transition you're facing, so you come out stronger and more focused on the other side, ultimately able to live your best life!


Let's take a look at how life transitions guidance can benefit your journey.

  1. A Road Map: Whether involuntary or your choice, embarking on a significant change starts with an ending. Endings are, by nature, a loss, stressful, and confusing. At Sue Horwitz Coaching, we work together to calm your overwhelming emotions and lay the groundwork for a successful new beginning. 

  2. Shifting Of Energy: During a transition, our energy may feel victimy, angry, creative, and passionate. All at once. The energy that we carry around on a day-to-day basis influences the actions that we take, the relationships that we nurture, and the opportunities that we seize. As an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, I work with you to develop critical skills that enable you to shift your energy so that you can maximize any situation. 

  3. Your Unique Success Formula That Works: Every Sue Horwitz Coaching client relationship is collaborative. Together we hone disciplines and skills that enable you to master this and future transitions with greater ease and the results you wanted. 


Life is brimming with new beginnings and major transitions. Prepare for your next move with help from Sue Horwitz Coaching. Book your complimentary consultation here today!

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