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How to Cope with Divorce? Hire a CDC Certified Divorce Coach

Whoa - You've been blind-sighted. Your spouse just told you the marriage is over. If the devastation weren't paralyzing, you know you could go crazy. You can't imagine life after divorce. 


That's why you need support and a divorce mindset to get you through. And while family and friends want to help you through this opening phase of divorce, you need an agenda-less, objective sounding board to help you define the next steps towards meeting your longer-term needs and goals. 


I'll never forget how I felt when my husband of 27 years told me he was done with the marriage. Fear was my guide, and as a result, I made costly mistakes. 


As a CDC Certified Divorce Coach in Denver, CO, I take you through a process that will help you make the best decision for your future based on your interests, needs, and concerns. As a divorce guide, I am your thinking partner, educational resource, and supporter, and I'm available to help you avoid mistakes and save money and time. 


Here's how quickly we can connect to determine how you can move forward: 


1) Attain a 45- minute complimentary consultation - You can book this through the website, click here. This divorce guide call is the first step to creating your best life after divorce. This consultation service is the perfect time to get a few questions answered, see if we are a fit for divorce coaching, and become confident in your next step. 

2) If we click and you want to work together, I have a divorce guide program tailored to your needs. 

  • You are Powerfully Prepared for Divorce. This focused coaching program will help you navigate your emotions and begin laying the groundwork to become a healthier, happier, and more confident woman. In this program, we navigate divorce preparation through the proceedings. 

  • Life (Re) Imagined - Divorce has left you at a crossroads. You're not clear on what you want or where you are going. Working together, you'll develop clarity, create a plan, and move forward with a sense of wellness and joy. 

  • The Change Artist - Life is not about what happens to you but what you do with your life. Create sustainable changes to your behavior by developing a deep self-awareness and mastery of your energy. 

Let's explore how you'll create your best life. Reach out to me for a complimentary session here.

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