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How to Cope With Divorce by Turning to A Certified Life Transitions and Divorce Coach

Work with A Divorce Coach in Denver or Virtually


If you have just been told your marriage is ending, you'll find it hard to believe that, in the future, you will gather many gifts from this situation. 


I know I didn't believe divorce was a gift initially, either. However, how you choose to begin this toughest of transitions will advance your divorce recovery, unlock your potential, and shape a fulfilling new beginning.


All transitions begin with an ending. This one is filled with shock, fear, and confusion. Unfortunately, those emotions don't help you make the most consequential decisions ahead. 


That is why I created the Powerfully Prepared for Divorce Program. This focused divorce coaching program will help you navigate your marriage's end and begin laying the groundwork to become a healthier, happier, and more confident woman. 


During our private sessions, you will become calm, clear, and confident to be at your best, cope with this divorce and life transition, and make the most competent decisions. 


Together we explore your divorce, financial, living, and relationship options. Where necessary, I help you and identify other professionals to help you achieve your goals. 


I will help you save money while preparing for proceedings. 


A Divorce Coach bridges the gap between you and your professional divorce team. You'll be a credible client and save money because:


You'll be organized and efficient.

You'll be able to communicate your goals effectively.

You'll have sound communication skills and reasonable expectations.

You'll be able to stay in the process even when the going gets tough. 

You'll be ready for mediations and hearings. 

Working together, we will lay the groundwork for a life you'll love. 

If you want to become Powerfully Prepared for your divorce, find the gifts of divorce, and lay the groundwork to becoming a healthier, happier, and confident woman, schedule a 45-minute complimentary session here


About Sue Horwitz:

As a Life Coach specializing in transition dynamics, I trained to help you learn more about yourself and how you can perform at your best, even at the worst of times. Throughout this course, you'll encounter mind shifts and new ways to think about your situation. You'll learn how to shift your energy from a sense of victimization to having renewed self-esteem and personal identity. You'll confidently be in charge of your present and future. 


As a CDC Divorce Coach, I take you through a process that will help you make the best decision for your future, based on your interests, needs, and concerns. As a thinking partner, educational resource, and supporter, I'm available to help you avoid mistakes, save you money and time. 

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