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Break Up with 2020 & Reclaim Your Super Powers 
woman break free of chains
Start 2021 with Renewed Energy, Creativity, and Strength
This is your chance to:

Despite a year of uncomfortable numbness fueled by fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, it's still possible to move forward. 

It's time, right now, to take back control of your life and get ready for more vitality, playfulness, and potential in 2021. 

  • Reignite your energy and recover your unique possibilities.

  • Supercharge your positive momentum by handling external challenges and clearing hidden inner obstacles.

  • Uncover your best path forward by creating your unique success formula and designing the plan to keep you on track.

Your Transformational Coaching Program Includes: 
  • Three small group 75-minute video conference calls with Sue Horwitz, Certified Life Transitions & Divorce Coach. Small groups are limited to 8 people.  

      ($625 Value)

  • How to Be Your Best-Self, Even in the Worst of Times, workbook ($125 Value)

  • Three months weekly action prompts to keep you focused ($37 Value)

  • A monthly Facebook event will help you remain engaged. ($240 Value)

  • Access to a private Facebook group where you'll be able to connect with other women Reclaiming their Super Powers (Priceless)

Let's acknowledge how competently, in isolation, we've responded to the pandemic. While we've done well, we've stopped breathing freely, hid our cynicism, and lost our sense of community. 

Working together, we'll collaborate to create new possibilities and raise our vibration so that we can engage our superpowers and take back control in 2021.

What People Say About Sue 

"My colleague and I are grateful to be able to take advantage of the invaluable life coaching lessons Sue brings to every conversation, especially during these challenging times".Cindy Davis

"Sue has always listened without judgement and offered great insight. She has been able to ask questions which ultimately have helped me find solutions and move forward with confidence and clarity. She has always focused on my success and supported me on my journey." Karen Dunn

3 Inspirational Sessions 
Starry Balloons

Session One: Letting Go & Create Space

Endings leave us with many mixed emotions; fear, anxiety, anticipation, and excitement. In this session, you'll gain clarity about which old and new life skills you choose to bring into 2021. 

Female participants in an obstacle cours

Session Two: Moving Through Obstacles

As we plan our reset, we are often overwhelmed, skeptical, and frustrated. Now is the time to get beyond obstacles and build-up your strengths and achievements to create your unique success formula. 

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Session Three: Prepare to Launch 

In this session, you'll use your success formula, renewed energy to create your no-fail 2021 plan that guarantees you will thrive no matter what. 

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